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Let The Truth Out...

It Is Simple..... Build A Quality Product At A Fair Price And They Will Come!

Friday Inventory Video Update

Here Is The Video Of What We Have For Friday 6-18-21....


We Are Open Early And Ready To....

Early Byrd's Welcome.. Here till 6-pm Today 6-17-21

The Full Build Video Of The Monster Anglerfish

Here Is The Full Build Of The Monster Anglerfish Which Is Made From Channellock Plier Parts. I Also Threw In Some Extra Footage Of Byrd Our CEO...

Pottsy Flowers Selection Thursday 6-17-21

Here Is Our Selection For Thursday 6-17-21....

Only This Week And Next Week To Get Pottsy Flowers Till August 5th....

Monday Night Madness

Getting After Butt-Kicker Tuesday...

Selection For Friday 6-11-21

Here Is What We Have For Friday 6-11-21

This Weeks Selection

OPEN Thursday 2pm-6pm & Fridat 10am-4-pm

The Video Has All The Info..

OPEN Today With Cool Stuff

Yes We Are Open Today! 2pm-6pm...

Friday 10am-4pm

We Are Working On Getting Things Ready To Go... 

Have A Great Selection... Stay Tuned Here For Update And The Inventory Video Later This Morning..👍🇺🇲

Butt Kicker Tuesday Monster Angerfish

Powder Coat Next.... Crazy Pottsy Idea Coming To Life...

Monster Anglerfish... Let The Crazy Colors Begin...

Friday June 4th Selection...

Friday June 4th Selection... OPEN

Friday 10am-4pm..

Here Is Our Crazy Selection.... Take Note We Are Only Open 3 More Weeks Till Our July Shutdown.

So If You Are Wanting Something Better Grab It..


June-3rd selection

This Short Week Kicked Our Butt.... We Figured It Out!

Here Is Our Crazy Selection.... Take Note We Are Only Open 3 More Weeks Till Our July Shutdown.

So If You Are Wanting Something Better Grab It..

OPEN Thursday 2-6pm & Friday 10am-4pm..


Complete And Full Build & Powder Coating Of Pepe The Monster Metal Frog!

Here Is The Video I Put Together Of The Complete Start Of Concept Idea Of The Frog To The End Of Build..

Hope You Enjoy, The Frog Took A Solid 20-Hrs To Build, 5-Hours To Powder Coat And 4-Hrs To Edite The Video.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!

God Bless Our Solders And Vet From Past To Future! 🇺🇲💪🇺🇲💪🇺🇲


Aaron J. Potts  "Pottsy"

Pottsy Selection Friday 5-28-21

Great Selection For Friday 5-28-21......

Happy Crazy Cool Memorial Day!

Pottsy Flowers Selection Thursday 5-27-21

Here Is What We Have For A Selection This Week.... Way Cool...

Get You Some Of That! The Video Has The Pricing And Info..

James 1:2-4

I Just Like This, It Fit!

Extra Large Selection For Memorial This Week!

Super Large Selection Of Flowers And Cool Stuff This Week For Memorial Day Weekend!

We Are Open Thursday 2-6PM And Friday 10am-4pm. Cash And Carry Or A Check, No Credit Or Debit.

The Majority Of The Flowers Range From $150 To $250 Pending Size And Complexity. We Don't Ship And It Is First Come First Serve.

Stay Tunned Here On The Weekly Journal For A Video Of Our Selection When We Get It Together..

Thanks & Have A Safe/Great Holiday!


 Aaron J Potts "Pottsy"

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Friday Afternoon 5-21-21 Selection

Friday Afternoon 5-21-21 Selection

Pottsy Flower Selection 5-21-21

Here is the video of what we have for Pottsy Flower Selection 5-21-21...

Happy Thursday Selection --->5-20-21

Hapy-Happy Joy-Joy....


Thursday 2pm-6pm

Friday 10am-4pm

Crazy Giveaway Page

Be Sure To Check Out Our

Crazy Giveaway Page!

Ass Kicker Tuesday 5-18-21 Pepe The Monster Frog..

Pepe The Monster Frog Ready To Be Powder Coated..

Pepe Is Ready For Powdwer Coat!

Pepe the Frog Is RTeady For BJ Meyer To Powder Coat Him Crazy Cool Colors...

Then He Is Headed To His New Home At St. Dines Cabins In Moab, Utah...

He Is Badass.... 110% Give A Shit... !

Metal Flower Maintenance, How To Take Care Of Your Pottsy Flower.

Metal Flower Maintenance, How To Take Care Of Your Pottsy Flower.

How To Plant Your Flower!

How To Plant Your Flower!

Happy Thursday

#DeWine Looking At Me Late As I Work Hard In The Shop At 10:15PM....

God Bless America....

Friday 5-14-21 Selection

Here The Selection For Friday 5-14-21...

Open 10am-4pm  Or Till Sold Out..

Congratulation Terri Brumbaugh

#11000 Flower Found A Good Home...

Brandi Simmons... Your On The Clock!

Call Or Text Me Brandi To Claim Your Flower Wall Hanger!



Aaron J. Potts "Pottsy"