About Pottsy

I Make It A Goal To Surround Myself With The Highest Quality Of People!

Aaron J. Potts  "Pottsy"
Metal Artist/Mechanical Designer
Owner, Founder - Built By Pottsy LLC

Hello, I am a 52 year old father, husband, son & man in Carroll County, Ohio.

I was raised by a father and mother that had a strong work ethic with a focus on honesty and integrity. In my late teens I realized I like building mechanical things. In my 20’s I realized I was pretty good at designing and building mechanical things. When I hit my 30’s I had worked my way up to a corporate level manager of a mechanical engineering UL certified testing lab for a household name brand company. That is when I found love for mechanical engineering and products made by proud good people here in the USA. I started seeing the outsourcing of American product to foreign country labor. I didn't like what I was seeing! I made the choice to start my own small business, that would focus on my skills, in the mechanical design and building areas. I would call the business “Built By Pottsy”, because my nickname was Pottsy and I love to build things. One of my favorite mechanical parts is the gear, this is how I incorporated the gears in to my logo when I designed it. In 2008 I turned the business into a legal LLC, with a strong work ethic and a focus on quality and integrity I started designing and building product. Over the years I found a liking for building things from old scrap metal parts. This pushed me toward the metal art flowers, which came to me thru the direction of my mother. Powder coating and blending of colors seem the best natural process to enhance my crazy flowers. Today I focus on building my flowers from quality American made scrap mechanical parts, and each flower is handmade and formed to a one of a kind unique style. I put a strong value to building the best product I can build, so that it will stand the test of time in or outdoors. Once I feel that I have archived this goal, I then serial number, date, sign and place my “Proudly hand made in Ohio, USA” logo sticker on it. Family, honesty, integrity, quality and a good focus on the customer, that is what my business model is made of.

Over the years, I have designed and built cool stuff for names like: Timken, Army Corp Of Engineering, 4 Wheel Drive Hardware, University Of Tennessee, City of New York, Aclara, E-finity Distributed Generation, Dick’s Sporting Goods, American Roads Machinery Co., Ohio Dept. Of Transportation and Capstone Turbine Corporation.

The dream keeps growing & I love to chase at!