Weekly Journal posts of '2021' 'May'

Metal Flower Maintenance, How To Take Care Of Your Pottsy Flower.

Metal Flower Maintenance, How To Take Care Of Your Pottsy Flower.

How To Plant Your Flower!

How To Plant Your Flower!

Happy Thursday

#DeWine Looking At Me Late As I Work Hard In The Shop At 10:15PM....

God Bless America....

Friday 5-14-21 Selection

Here The Selection For Friday 5-14-21...

Open 10am-4pm  Or Till Sold Out..

Congratulation Terri Brumbaugh

#11000 Flower Found A Good Home...

Brandi Simmons... Your On The Clock!

Call Or Text Me Brandi To Claim Your Flower Wall Hanger!



Aaron J. Potts "Pottsy"

Flower Selection 5-13-21


2pm-6pm Thursday

10am-4pm Friday

Cash/Check & Carry --------> No Credit Or Debit

Midnight Prowler

I caught The Midnight Prowler..

Crazy Monster Legs Dragonflies

Happy Crazy Monster Leg Dragonflies.....

Next Step Powder Coat... Fat-Crazy-AssKicker Tuesday In The House.....!

Tuesday Throwback

Here the CEO Fall 2011 With Some Of My Old School Work..

#11000 Flower Winner First Attempt

Your On The Clock Winner #1.... Text Me To Claim Your Flower...



Aaron J. Potts  "Pottsy"

Wall Hanger Winner #2 Kristen Taylor

Wall Hanger Winner #2 Kristen Taylor You Are On The Board.

Text Me 330-415-4132 To Claim The Prize... Your On The CLOCK!

Sharon A. Gram... You Lost Out And Have Timed Out..

Wall Hanger BLEM Prototype Sunflower Winner

Sharon A. Gram  You Are The Winner... Your On The Clock To Claim Ownership..

Wall Hanger BLEM Prototype Sunflower Winner!

Mother's Day SOLD OUT

Thanks Everyone For Another Crazy Good Mother's Day Season... We Are Currently Sold Out Till Next Thursday May-13th.

Happy Mother's Day To All You Great Mom's Out There!

Stay Turned For The Winner Of The Wall Hanger This Afternoon.  If Your Not Signed Up For That Make Sure To Scroll Below. We Are Going To Pull The Name Shortly. Also The #11000 Flower Which We Are Giving Away For Our 12th Anniversery Will Be Pulled This Monday The 10th May.


Aaron J Potts "Pottsy"

Friday May 7th Selection

OPEN Friday 10am Till Sold Out..

Mother's Day Weekend Handed My Butt To Us Again...

May 6th Selection


Thursday 2pm -6pm

Friday 10am - 4pm

Cash & Carry or Check.. No Plastic..

Wall Hanger Giveaway

Win This Prototype BLEM Wallhanger Sunflower Head.

To Enter To Win This Just Comment Below With Your First And Last Name?

We Will Randomly Pick A Winning Comment Below On The Afternoon Of Friday 5-7-21!

Make Sure That Your Comment Shows Up After You Hit The "New Comment" Yellow Button. If It Does Not Then You Are Not Registered On The Site. Once You Are Registered Your Comments Will Show.

Here's A Link To Register If You Have Not Done So Yet!


Aaron J Potts "Pottsy"

We have a small batch of patriotic

Just a heads up... We have 8 patriotic cool Pottsy flowers in this weeks batch.. We are working hard to get things together. Stay tuned here on the journal for updates as things move alone this week.

Do You Have A Question About The Patrictic Flowers? Well Let's Try Something New Out... Here's A Link To Shop Talk Flower Forum...

Aaron J Potts  "Pottsy"

Butt Kicker Tuesday & God Speed Anthony Ward Jr!

#Save22 #AnthonyWardJr

Round 2 - Critter & Shirt Winner Lisa Brodzinski 5-3-21


Lisa Brodzinski You Are Next In Line As The Current Winner Of The Critter & T-Shirt Contest. I was not contacted by the first winner so You are on the board.

Please Text Me To Clam Your Prize. If You Have Not Texted Me By Noon On Tuesday 5-4-21 I Will Randomly Pick Another Name.... So Jen Lisa Brodzinski You Are On The Clock.... Text Me 330-415-4132 You Email address You Registered With To Verify Your Account... Congrads!