Weekly Journal posts of '2021' 'August'

Friday Aug-27th Selection

Crazy Friday Selection... Get Them While We Are Slow And Have Iventory...

Happy Weekend!


Hughes Family Benefit

Here Is A Great Local Benefit If You Can Help Out...

We Try To Help When We Can... Prayers To The Hughes Family...

Thursday Afternoon Selection

We Still Have A Great Selection As Of 4pm today Thursday 26th.. Open till 6pm..

Thursday Aug-26th Selection.

Here's The Video For Thursday Aug-26th Selection.... We Are Open Till 6pm.. Friday 10am-4pm...

Payment Is Cash & Approved Checks, No Credit Or Debit..

We Have A Crazy Big Selection!

If You Are Looking For Christmas Gifts You May Want To Get Them Now As We Have A Good Selection...

Thanks Everyone!

Aaron J. Potts "Pottsy"

Thursday Morning Update Aug-26

Stay Turned For A Crazy Cool Selection Today On Here As I Get Things Together..

Chasing My Tail!

Friday Aug-20th Selection

Open Friday Aug-20th 10a-4pm...  Here's A Link To The Video Of Our Selection.

Thursday Aug-19 Selection

Here's The Link To The Video Of Our Selection This Week.  Cash /Check And Carry NO CREDIT/DEBIT...

Thursday 2-6pm

Friday 10am - 4pm

Friday 8-13-21 Selection

Open Friday 10am - 4pm.. Here's The Video Of What We Have...

Thursday Selection 8-12-21

Open Till 6PM Thursday... 10am-4pm On Friday...

Cash And Carry Not Credit or Debit Cards... We Can Do A Check...

Supporting The Community



These are some of the benefits we are helping out! If you would like to help support here is their information!



Aaron J. Potts "Pottsy"

Friday 8-6-21 Selection

Friday 8-6-21 Selection OPEN 10am-4PM

Open Thursday Aug-5th -2021

We Will Be Open This Thuraday 2pm - 6pm & Friday 10am - 4pm.. Looking To Have Patriotic Flowers, Hummingbirds And Some Other Item..

We Are Back!

Well July Was Outstanding... We Are Back And Looking At A Great Fall Season.. If You Want To Check Out Some Of Our Adventures In July Here Are Some Videos Of The Crazy Cool Parts.. Hope You Enjoy.... Check Out Black Bear Pass.... One Of My Favorites..


Aaron J. Potts  "Pottsy"