Our Creative Team

 Elizabeth "Byrd" Potts
CEO & Design Consultant
Byrd (My Daughter) attends Mount Vernon Nazarene University working on a Business and Marketing major with a minor in Engineering  program... She is in pursuit to play key role here at Built By Pottsy! She is a chip off of the Pottsy block with smart mind for design, sales and marketing. I look forward to see what she can do with her skills in the future. Keep your eye on the new generation Miss Pottsy!

BJ Meyer
Head of Powdercoating Technology
He is the owner of Meyer Coating the company that applies the beautiful color to our awesome products! He is the best and my right hand man! Big thanks BJ! Words cannot express how much I appreciate your skills!

Bill "Pop's" Potts
Head of Metal Forming
My Dad, inspires me everday. He takes pride in forming each petal, creasing every one to the exact measurement. Dad enjoys working, and talking with Customers. Stop over chances are he will be there to greet you.

Joe "Wiggly" Wittensoldner
Welding QC
Joe builds the stems, and I place alot of responsibility upon him. From building flower parts to turbine exhaust/intake assemblies, he tackles every challenge I throw at him. He is a classic hard working American dude with good ethics. Everthing he does is done with integrity.
Michael Bledsoe
Production Lead
Michael Is In Charge Of The Weekly Production Of Fabricating/Welding. He Welds And Applies His Touch To Just About Every Item We Build. I Have Big Plans For Him In The Future. Thanks for all your help Micheal!
Dusty Meyer
Powder Coat
Dusty is BJ's younger brother, he is a main part in the powder coating of crazy cool color schemes on the critters, bugs and fish.

Julia Bober
Online Sales
I would like to announce Julia Bober as the new Online Sales Consultant of Built By Pottsy llc. Welcome her and If there is something you need help with online she is a great source.Her contact is Jbober@bbpfab.com. If you need further assistance or help, you can always contain Pottsy 330-415-4132